Sidney Lyons | IPB Manager

sidney lyons wealth management jerusalemI was born and raised in London. I studied at Brooklands Primary School and JFS secondary school where I participated in the Givat-Washington scholarship program.

My family were active members of the HGS Synagogue and as a teenager I worked as a teacher at the Hebrew classes and a madrich at Bnei-Akiva.

After taking my O levels in London, we came on Aliya and I completed A levels at the England-Israel High School in Kfar Hasidim.  

In 1983 I joined a Nahal Garin of Olim Hadashim and began military service, combining duty in the infantry with time working on Kibbutz Shluhot.

I continued to do active reserve duty in the Paratroopers Battalion, for some twenty years. During the time in the army I served in many places including Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.

Following  military service I studied for a BA in Agricultural Economics and Management at The Hebrew University in Rehovot. During this time I worked as a madrich on summer programs of the Sochnut.

In 1999, I decided to take a break and went travelling. Beginning in Thailand and then continuing to Malaysia, Singapore and Australia where I worked for a number of months at Coles Myer in Melbourne where I enjoyed the hospitality of the very warm local Jewish community. On the return leg I visited New-Zealand, Fiji, the Cook Islands, Hawaii and mainland USA. 

After returning to Israel, I joined Mizrahi Tefahot Bank. I began working in a commercial branch in Tel-Aviv where I filled a number of positions, before moving to the Head Office in Tel Aviv.

My responsibilities in the International Activities & Private Banking Sector have included  coordinating activities of the branches, subsidiaries and representative offices of the Bank around the globe, product development, credit analysis, investor relations and analytical research.

I have recently been appointed as Manager of the International Personal Banking Section at the IPB Centre of Mizrahi Tefahot in Jerusalem.

In addition to responsibilities at the Bank, I represent Mizrahi Tefahot Bank on the Israel-British Chamber of Commerce (IBCC) and serve as honorary treasurer of the Chamber.

I enjoy spending time with the family, travelling, reading and listening to music, having a special fondness for Hazanut.

I am married to Sarit and have three lovely boys. We live in Shoham, and are active members of the Avnei Ha-Hoshen Synagogue. 

If you want to get in touch then please email me at