Jay Jacobs | Business Development Manager

jay jacobs wealth managementMy Name is Jay Ari Jacobs and I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. I am married to a fellow Brooklynite and have 5 children and 5 grandchildren.

I currently live in Alon Shvut a Yishuv south of Jerusalem.

I received an MBA from Baruch College in New York and started working in the Banking industry at Citibank, NY in 1984.

Before moving to Israel I also worked at Irving Trust (currently Bank of New York) as well as being an AVP at Bankers Trust (currently Deutsche Bank) in New York.

I made Aliyah in 1995 from Staten Island,NY with my wife and (at the time) 4 children. I started working at Mizrahi Tefahot a few months later.

After going through the management training program, I was assigned to be a Financial Advisor in the International Private Banking Center in Jerusalem. After 6 years in that position I became the Roving Representative to North America, a position I currently hold.

I am very comfortable talking to potential clients about why they should have a Bank account in Israel at Mizrahi Tefahot, whether it is in order to diversify their investment portfolio or to build a "nest egg" in Israel where they might eventually either purchase a property or move.

In my eyes Mizrahi is an easy sell compared to other Banks due to the conservative investment approach of the Bank which makes it more solid, as well as the personal attention we give to our clients.

I can be contacted at jacobsj@umtb.co.il