Shalom Cohen | Private Banker

shalom cohen wealth management jerusalemAn Introduction to Shalom Cohen – International Private Banker, Mizrahi Tefahot Bank.

I was born and spent my youth in Manchester, England. After completing Manchester Jewish Grammar School I travelled to Israel to learn for a year in Yeshiva.

I was so charmed by the country that I decided to stay and make Israel my permanent home.

Following my army service in the tanks core, as part of the Hesder program, I completed a B.A in Economics and Political Science at Bar Ilan University.

During my university studies I married and I now have 4 children and live in Bet Shemesh.

I like travelling and seeing new countries and cultures in addition to my annual camping vacation usually in the North of Israel with all the family.

I have been at Mizrahi Tefahot Bank since 1988, initially in Foreign Securities Operations and in 2007 moved to International Private Banking.

Working at Mizrahi Tefahot is very fulfilling since the bank leads in the realm of financial innovations and therefore there are always new products to offer our clients.

My years at the bank, during the internet revolution, have provided me with a challenge to always be up to date and thereby provide my clients with the world class service that I feel they deserve.

I am always pleased to meet people in order to discuss their needs and welcome them to join us as a client.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at my e-mail address :