Foreign Exchange (Forex)

In today's global environment, there are very few of us without some form of exposure to foreign currency.

You may be a business person with bills to pay in various currencies, a traveller with the need for local foreign currency for your overseas trips or a second home owner with the need to pay local bills.

If you are one of the many who have decided to purchase a second home in Israel, you may have even more significant foreign currency needs and exposures between your home currency and income stream and the various shekel or USD mortgage expenditure.

You may even simply have a view and want to earn higher interest rates on other currencies as part of a diversified holding.

Either way, our treasury is recognised as one of Israel's most developed and advanced, and is able to provide competitive rates for all traded currencies via your relationship manager. Under certain circumstances we can provide you with direct access to our professionals to allow you to make better decisions based on views of those who see the global currency flows.

The benefit of working with Mizrahi-Tefahot, is that we see ourselves as an intimately sized organisation that provides you with that higher level of service, because we are constantly aware that it is your money we are talking about, not ours.