How To Buy A House In Israel

When it comes to Mortgages we know what we are doing. Mizrahi-Tefahot Bank (UMTB) is Israel's No.1 Mortgage bank and provides more than 30% of the mortgages taken out in Israel.

We also know that buying a new home is always a stressful project and it is made especially so when you are buying a new home from overseas.

There are many things that seem complicated and daunting and becuase of this we have developed a comprehensive guide that aims to help you understand how to buy a home in Israel. You can download the guide here.

This guide helps you through the whole process from:

  • Searching for a new home
  • Signing the contract
  • Dealing with the legal aspects
  • Getting your mortgage
  • Moving day

Plus there is a section on how to rent out and manage your property from overseas and a glossary of terms you will come across.

Our team of highly experienced people who all speak English are ready to help you get the mortgage you need and welcome you to your new home in Israel.

Download the Guide


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