Multi-currency Deposits

We are able to offer deposits in all major currencies and are flexible enough that you can choose the tenor, frequency of renewal dates and redemption date that suits your circumstances and needs.

Our rates will always be competitive and we provide an update on new and innovative product types, within the deposit range, on a regular basis.

We have developed a highly successful range of products which allow customers to improve returns by allowing for longer term deposits but with regular redemption opportunities. We will also allow customers to choose between income generating deposits and simple deposits with the rates being paid out at end of tenor.

For those with different views, positions or needs, we can provide the above with fixed interest rates, variable rates based on LIBOR / Prime rates and inflation linked deposits.

We are extremely proud of our long term "Bar and Bat - Mitzva products" allowing for long term savings for the various celebrations and important family event planning in advance.

All of the above are small parts of why we are so differentiated from regular global banks, to whom the  Israeli and Jewish community is just a small, albeit important, niche.