Treasury Services

Mizrahi-Tefahot has upgraded its treasury services with full service global dealing rooms, offering world class execution in all fields.

Our experienced team of professional dealers are on hand at all times to guide clients through the often perplexing world of currencies, exchange, derivatives and ever evolving treasury products and services.

Our pricing is extremely competitive and our service is highly pro-active.

Chart Analysis

The latest charting technology is always available for you to discuss relevant chart points and trends in all major currency pairs.

Foreign Exchange

We have access to the global foreign exchange markets, and can competitively quote for your F/X requirements in all major currencies, for either spot or forward delivery.

Foreign Exchange Options

We can provide you quotes for options, both vanilla and exotic, to help your foreign exchange management. For example, European and American, cash settled and digital, knock in, knock out. We can also offer zero cost strategies.

Interest Rate Options

Products offered include Swaptions, Caps, Collars, and Floors.

Off-Balance Sheet Derivatives

Forward Rate Agreements (FRA's), Interest Rate Swaps, Cross Currency Swaps etc.