Our Approach

There are many reasons to bank in Israel. Whether for local or international business needs, or for personal ease of use, Israel offers international customers and investors a convenience, professionalism and understanding, second to none.

Mizrahi Tefahot Bank (UMTB) International Banking Centers are situated in the heart of Israel's financial centers, allowing us to build relationships and partnerships with some of the leading brands and product providers.

This enables us to live up to our promise to give access to the best of the best product providers.

Our centers in Israel work hand in hand with our affiliates overseas, enabling us to provide you with a fully international service. We have subsidiaries in Switzerland and the Netherlands, plus branches and representative offices in London (UK), Los Angeles (USA), Frankfurt (Germany), Panama City (Panama), Montevideo (Uruguay), Mexico City (Mexico) and the Cayman Islands.

The main activities abroad are focused on providing advanced services to private banking clients and trading rooms. We are the first Israeli bank to link its trading rooms in Israel and abroad into one synchronized trading floor, providing you with a complete global solution