Why Choose UMTB For Private Banking?

When economic times are prosperous, people tend to place less emphasis on the credit risk of the bank or firm they do business with.

During turbulent times however, this can often be an investor's sole concern.

With an AA+ rating from Standard & Poor's Maalot, Mizrahi Tefahot Bank (UMTB) is proud to have been described by Israel's leading financial newspaper as "an island of stability" amongst its peers.

More impressive still was our bank being selected by Merrill Lynch as one of the top 5 banking groups across the entire emerging markets, and by Global Finance magazine, as one of the "world's best banks in developed markets" for 2009.

Due to our conservative banking and investment practices, and the very strong deposit to loan ratio on our balance sheet, an account with Mizrahi Tefahot Bank (UMTB) will give you peace of mind.