Why Choose Israel?

Israel has long been a safehaven for the Jewish people - emotionally, physically and financially. Home, and future home, to millions of Jews from around the world, it is your natural second financial home. 

With the recent success of Israel being made a full member of the OECD group of countries and the successful & well recognised way that the Central Bank of Israel has guided the banking system through the global crises, it is clear that Israel has become a very stable environment for the provision of financial services.

In 2012, Israel was recognised as the best central goverment bank. Israel is the 22nd largest economy in the world and has a GDP of $250B, $33k per capita, $62B imports and $70B in exports as well as enjoying a long period of low inflation, and high employment rates.

For a country this size, these figures speak for themselves and reflect a society focused on growth, innovation and prosperity.